“She’s a powerful writer with an imagination that most of us would kill for. I have read everything she has written and am in awe of her many gifts. And her. When Nalo Hopkinson, Canada’s popular fantasy fiction writer, first learned that her Brown Girl in the Ring, the title of Hopkinson’s first novel (published by. Novel Brown Girl in the Ring, by Nalo Hopkinson. I’ve been telling people about Nalo Hopkinson’s book. It is great.” -OCTAVIA BUTLER “Impressive, energetic.

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I’ve been telling people about Nalo Hopkinson’s book. Drawing on Afro-Caribbean spirituality, Nalo has created a future that is large enough to contain both zombies and organ transplants, a future in which the power of ancient ritual coexists with medical innovations and urban destruction.

I became enthralled with the tidbits of Caribbean culture, the Voudoun ceremonies, the mix of old world and new world sensibilities. The plot took on an intensity that literally propelled me through the pages.


When I closed the book, the patois of broen voices went on speaking in rinh head for days. Now that I’m done, I can only add my own voice to the chorus already proclaiming it to be one of the best debut novels to appear in years. Beside him, Ti-Jeanne giggled, a manic, breathy sound that made Tony’s scalp prickle. She rose smoothly to her feet and began to dance with an eerie, stalking motion that made her legs seem longer than they were, thin and bony.

Shadows clung to the briwn of her eyes and cheekbones, turning her face into a cruel mask. Her voice was deep, too deep for her woman’s body. Her lips skinned back from her teeth in a death’s head grin.

Brown Girl in the Ring

She kept her rhythm going, but even softer. She pranced on long legs over to Mami, bent down, down, down; ran a bony forefinger over the old woman’s cheek. Like you nearly ready to come to me soon, daughter!


Stop the foolishness and tell me what you doing with Ti-Jeanne. You know she head ain’t ready to hold no spirits yet.

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He danced over to Eshu’s stone head and used a long, long finger to scoop up some of the chicken blood thickening there. Slowly he licked and sucked it off his finger, smiling like a child scraping out the batter bowl. All kind of duppy and thing. When she close she eyes, she does un death.

She belong to me. She is my daughter. You should ‘fraid of she.

Brown girl in the ring | Quill and Quire

Here’s the cover of the re-edition, painted by Rudy Gutierrez. This is the original cover, by Linda Messier. Web Hosting by Bluehost.