WHEN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION WAS WHITE An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America. By Ira Katznelson. pp. When Affirmative Action Was White has ratings and 81 reviews. ” penetrating new analysis” (New York Times Book Review) Ira Katznelson fundamentally. When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in One can speculate that Ira Katznelson has been listening to some version of this .

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Although many federal officials understood that black sharecroppers were the latznelson hit group during the Great Depression, a full 65 percent of African Americans were denied access to social security benefits, government grants, elderly poor assistance, and unemployment insurance. Nov 23, Jsavett1 rated it really liked it.

By ignoring the events that have reoriented American politics and placed affirmative action supporters on the defensive, the author’s suggestions come off as sincere and well-informed, but somewhat unrealistic.

The exchange seems so familiar because it cuts across so many of the fault lines that define contemporary public discourse. I of course, knew about slavery, Jim Crow, etc, but this book outlined how African Americans were squeezed out of many federal programs that lifted many whites out of poverty, The New Deal, GI Bill education benefits and loans for homesand even social security and unemployment.

The author provides a powerful argument for reparations and points out very specific ways that victims of these policies can be compensated. Lists with This Book. To suggest that affirmative action needs adjustments and finality, rather than elimination? The New Deal was crafted with discriminatory intent. Specifically, the text could have greatly benefitted from discussions or anecdotes that detailed how enforcement occurred for New Deal katznellson in the South.


In fact, it’s startling how racially targeted isolating those two industries was. Aug 13, Logan rated it really liked it Affirmativs When unions made inroads in the South, where most blacks lived, moreover, Congress changed the rules of the game to make organizing much more difficult.

Despite the prosperity of postwar capitalism’s golden age, an already immense gap between white and black Americans widened. Administration of the New Deal, and the GI Bill were put into the hands of locals who decided who would and wouldn’t get funds. There must be a clear and tight link connecting affirmative action’s remedies to specific historical harms based on race. I highly recommend this book, and it is available in the Philadelphia Free library system.

When Affirmative Action Was White

When affirmative action was white Ira Katznelson 10 November Tweet. As a range of scholarship whenn demonstrated in recent years, racism has been as prevalent and debilitating in Northern urban centers as in Southern agricultural areas.

In this approach, he followed Whit Powell’s first requirement. With the United States still in an era of legal segregation, the powerful southern wing of the Democratic Party provided the framework for Social Security, the GI Bill, and landmark labor laws that helped create the foundations of the modern middle class. Jan 31, Nikhil rated it it was ok Shelves: It can occasionally be a difficult issue to finesse. Why did Souther Democrats switch sides?

A closely-targeted program of rectification would search for identifiable individuals who have been harmed, even at the distance of one or two generations, by the pattern of exclusions and local administration, which whife been documented in the book, When Affirmative Action was White.

Exceedingly arid, repetitive, and ultimately unpersuasive.

When Affirmative Action Was White | W. W. Norton & Company

A speech by President Johnson to Howard University serves to frame the b This book is an excellent survey of racial discrimination in the New Deal and Fair Deal programs. When Affirmative Action Was White offers much for those hoping to participate in this debate; its message should be taken as a serious reminder that state-sponsored racial discrimination has affected irs Americans.


None of these was a marginal or secondary program. Kxtznelson trivia or quizzes yet. Building on these principles has significant advantages. The book is full of a great number of details which bogged me down at times, but it is still worth the read.

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Social Security and the The title alone of this book deserves a review and so here I give it. The whole point of the book is to highlight large scale actions against the black community that cry out for correction through appropriate government action.

Katznelson does explain that the GI bill still had a massively positive impact on blacks in America, but it could have been much ktaznelson.

When affirmative action was white | History and Policy

Puts the whole concept of affirmative action in historical context compared to all the times when government action was essentially an economic launching pad for white people at the expense of black Affirmwtive. At no other time in American history has so much money and so many resources been put at the service of the generation completing education, entering the work force, and forming families.

Books by Ira Katznelson.